Advanced Training for Motorcyclists

The Matlock IAM Group provides different courses aimed at addressing a rider’s individual needs. The options range from a free one hour assessment, to an extended ‘mini’ course, of up to four hours, (over 2 – 3 sessions), to the full advanced riding course. We will advise riders what is available, taking into account what they want / need.

Each rider undertaking assessment or training is allocated an Observer to lead them through the course they choose. It is up to the Observer and Rider to decide how often and when they get together. Training consists of theory and practical (on-road) coaching/advice and sessions can be tailored to fit in with busy work and social lives.

The emphasis is always on safety and on having fun whilst riding and the sessions will include a mix of theory and riding to take in all types of roads and traffic conditions.

Each ride usually ends at a cafe, and it is an unwritten expectation that the rider will buy the tea or coffee whilst they have a debrief of the ride. All Observers are volunteers who use their own machines, so we ask riders to offer some petrol to the Observer. It is up to the Observer if they accept or not.

Being in and around the Peak District means we have some of the best motorcycling roads in the country close by, but sadly we also have some of the most infamous roads as well. Where better though to learn and understand the hazards and dangers of riding some challenging routes.