Skill for Life

Skill for Life Course

The package

The course costs £175 but there are local authority subsidies for certain categories of driver

Included in the price…

  • A copy of Advanced Driving, the I.A.M’s training manual
  • Around twelve driving sessions with your personal trained Observer
  • A years membership of the main I.A.M
  • A years membership of The Derwent and Hope Valley Advanced Motorists, currently £10

When you pass you will be eligible for a quote from the I.A.M’s insurance provider which reflects the skills learned in the quotes they give!  A recent case study [Feb 2013] a member saved over £150 on his Lexus insurance renewal by switching to the IAM and reduced the excess from £350 to £100, including third party cover for driving other vehicles, NCD protection and legal support.

There are other benefits too. Most drivers find they are more confident and enjoy being behind the wheel much more. You may wish to continue with free training to be an observer.

The I.A.M way of driving promotes “Car and Passenger Sympathy”… a fancy way of saying your car and your passengers will appreciate your driving skills too!!

What is involved

You are allocated a personal Observer and arrange a series of drives on days and times that are mutually convenient. You will be in the familiar surroundings of your own vehicle and will normally collect the Observer from their home.

All Observers follow our training package of structured drives designed to introduce you to the System of car control, a way of recognising, approaching and negotiating hazards that is methodical and safe.

Routes and Observed runs are designed and structured to include negotiating bends, making smooth progress, roundabouts, town driving, reversing, three-point turns, parking, narrow country lanes, dual carriageways and motorways.

During these sessions  the Observer will provide helpful, constructive comments and guidance about putting the advanced driving techniques into practice. These observed runs are about one hour long. The Associate should then practice the techniques between sessions.

After each session you will receive feedback on your progress in a personal record book.

The number of observed runs required may vary and is determined by  the needs of the Associate.

When both parties are happy with the standard of driving, the Associate is allocated a Senior Observer for a “second opinion” drive. The Associate may then be advised to apply for the test, and continue to arrange sessions with their Observer until the test date if desired.

The Test

The test lasts for up to 90 minutes and covers all kinds of roads (Motorways, dual & single carriageways, country roads and congested streets). This is an opportunity to show off the newly acquired driving skills, and demonstrate an ability to concentrate while handling the vehicle capably and sympathetically. The examiners are all holders of advanced Police driving qualifications.